The Agenda

01/23/2013 18:59



830-9:00 - Departure Gate - Join us for a continental breakfast and social opportunity.

9:00-9:25 - Flight Attendant Instructions - A welcome and general address to start the festivities. 

9:30-10:15 - Flight School

Moms - Stepping out of the Control Tower

          -your role in decision making

          -resource identification

           -decision making

          -financial discussions

          -setting expectations

           -beyond the classroom


 Seniors - Successful Take-off's

                 - your first year experience

                 -becoming your own advocate

                   -co-curricular involvement

                  -relationships (roommates, friends, etc.)

                   -accessing help/asking questions

                   -setting expectations

                   -keeping all this in mind as you chose your future


Juniors - Stretching Your Wings

        -investigating options

        -types of colleges/universities/technical training

         -majors...what you want to be when you grow up

         -maximizing visits

         -questions you can be asking


           -Community College /transfer credit earned during high school


10:15-10:30 - In-flight Snack and College Fair

 10:30-11:00 -Preparing to Take Flight

 Moms - The Air Beneath Their Wings

                 -preparing to let them go/pushing them out

                -helping them gain understanding/confidence as they move on their own

                -gathering information

                 -dealing with them as they move through the process

                 -developing a relationship based on your daughter becoming an adult


Seniors - Filing a Flight Plan

           -budgeting and finances

            -identifying scholarships/funding sources

            -caretaking your money


             -how much does it cost you to live?

             -asking questions/identifying resources


Juniors - Learning to Navigate

                   -decision making

                    -collecting information

                     -recognizing realities

                   -practicality -vs- shooting for the moon

                       -finances (scholarships, employment, etc.)


 11:00-11:30 - Watching Them Soar!

 Moms - Adjusting Your Flight Plan

            -focusing on you/filling the "hole"

              -taking advantage of "you" time

              -relationships at home

                -relationship with daughter while gone


Seniors - Flying Solo

                -taking care of you

                -personal safety tips

                 -health issues (identify caretakers, eating/sleeping, health related choices)


Juniors - Filing your Flight Plan

           -building your high school resume/record keeping

             -collecting information


            -filling out what is there now and setting goals for where you want to be


11:30 - Noon - Enjoying the View - A last chance to get questions answered, hear other's experiences, and be energized for the work ahead.