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Twitter Accounts ( in no particular order):

@usnewseducation  (a U.S. News and World Report account)



@NPCwomen  (National Panhellenic Conference, sororities)

@famouswomen  (Quotations from famous women)






Also follow the admissions, academic college, school president, school newspaper etc. from the schools on your wish list or that you will be attending.   This will help you understand what is important to that college/university.  It will also help you understand how the school works.


Books and articles:

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Blogs to follow:

The Choice (https://thechoice.blogs.newyorktimes)


Colorado Specific: - Select the College Planning or Career Planning tabs on the website. Free website

www.coloradocouncil .org  - "The Colorado Council on High School/College Relations is an organization of colleges, universities and high schools in Colorado.  Its purpose is to foster cooperation and help students plan their education." - College Opportunity Fund for Colorado colleges - click on ‘Financial Aid planning’ tab


Degree/College/University selection: - An independent liberal arts and science all-women's college sponsored by P.E.O.  "C" for Yourself Weekend is scheduled for April 19-21, 2013. - College degree matching website. - Parent Section has information on scholarships - Has a discussion area that offers feedback on many colleges from people who have applied or are in the process – real people. Best source for college information. - Colleges That Change Lives – dedicated to the advancement and support of a student-centered college search process.


Scholarships/Funding: - Scholarship search website. National Merit Scholarship Corporation - Boettcher scholarship information  - Congressional Award Scholarship – select Student Programs then Financial Aid then scholarship - Select Kids Page icon - P.E.O. Star Scholarship in P.E.O. Projects/Philanthropies -     Click on “scholarships” for a page that shows many links to sites that offer scholarships - lists scholarships, grants, and loans - search engine for scholarships & financial aid resources - new scholarships posted on a monthly basis (this is different from the website!) -    search engine for scholarships & financial aid resources -     information on scholarships, loans & grants - information on loans, college planning & more - full service financial aid site - includes financial estimators & scholarship search program - Free Application for Federal Student Aid


College Sports: -Sports scholarship information - To register with NCAA Eligibility Center – select High School Administrators then login as student


Books for Sale/Rent:

Also available is your local campus bookstore as of 11 January 2013